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Angela:Supply:ultrasonic thick

Features Specifications:Angela:Supply:ultrasonic thick

Dear Sir,
Our company Mitech is the professional manufacturer of NDT instruments which haved included ultrasonic flaw detects (such as MFD350,MFD500,MFD510), ptable hardness testers (such as MH320,MH310,MH210,HL200,MH180) ultrasonic thickness gauges (MT200,MT160,MT150).
Accding to the market situation, our products has been designed with different features f each model to meet different customers dems. F example, some of our hardness tester have integrated with the mini-printer into the tester while other hardness tester take the printer by customers option. Some of our hardness are designed with metal impact case while others with plastic metal case to meet the customers different dems f the outline etc. So as the thickness gauge ultrasonic flaw detect.

We are looking f feign agent. Hope we have chance to cooperate with each other.

Angela Bai

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  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-010-51284068
  • Contact:annieannie(Other)
  • Last Active:08 July 2010

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