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Zumax HL8000 LED Headlight,me

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  • Origin:Made In China
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Features Specifications:Zumax HL8000 LED Headlight,me

HL8000 Headlight is used f examination surgical operation in multifarious microsurgery.
1. Light Source Our LED lamp without the heat of traditional Halogen headlight. With a col temperature of 6000 Kelvin, this light supplies bright, white, shadow-free light allowing the doct to see tissue characteristics without disttion.
2. Enjoy the flexibility of operating the headlight using the rechargeable Lithium battery, can use without the direct power source. 3. It is one of the most comftable lightweight headlights suitable f all kinds of surgery.
4.The headlight could be used when it is charging.
5. Has low-battery indicat light.
6. Smart design, convenient f mobile diagnosis.

Diameter of the light spot at a distance of 420mm20-90mm
Illumination in 250mm wking distance≥30000 1x
Fluctuation distance12.5mm
Vertical direction of Illumination±25° adjustable
Illumination Source 5W LED, life 20000 hours continuous burn.

Company Information

Zumax Medical Co., Ltd. Sales Department

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-512-66903235
  • Contact:KarlWang(Other)
  • Last Active:12 August 2010

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