• Fire Resisting MCB Distribution Board 10 Ways

Fire Resisting MCB Distribution Board 10 Ways

Features Specifications:Fire Resisting MCB Distribution Board 10 Ways

V8+ series Fire Resisting MCB Distribution Board 10 Ways is a kind of indoor distribution box, installing low-voltage electrical products, such as MCB, RCCB, disconnecting switch, surge protective device and so on. This product is an empty box excluding the low voltage electrical components. This distribution box includes cover, frame, base box, din rail, neutral copper bar, earth copper bar and bus bar. It has surface mounting type and flush mounting type. Flush mounting is fixed inside the wall, and surface mounting is hung on the wall surface. There are both plastic base and metal base for the flush mounting distribution box. For the surface mounting type distribution box in metal base only. This distribution box has totally 9 kinds of specifications as 4 units, 7 units, 10 units, 13 units, 16 units, 19 unit ,26 unites, 32 units and 38 units. The distribution box less than 19 units (included 19 units) is single row. The ones with 26 units, 32 units and 38 units are double rows. Why to Choose: 1. Fire Resisting PC plastic frame and cover, metal base box 1.0 mm steel. 2. New designed distribution box with water level. 3. Each piece will be checked before packing, product quality is guaranteed. 4. Quality certificates such as CCC, CE, CB, ISO. 5. OEM&ODM provided here.

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