• Kaneko solenoid valve 2 way M30 SERIES

Kaneko solenoid valve 2 way M30 SERIES

Features Specifications:Kaneko solenoid valve 2 way M30 SERIES

Feature Pilot valve and main valve because it directly, you can use 0 or differential pressure. For the same seat diameter and small diameter pressure loss is known. We also manufacture certified high-pressure gas. Precautions Permissible tilt angle attachment is less than 30 degrees both left and right front and rear. Standard specification Fluid temperature Be used up to 5 200 by the internal structure Ambient temperature -20+40 (That the fluid does not freeze but) Fluid viscosity 250cst following Electrical ratings Continuity The allowable voltage fluctuation rate Current value Following Table

Company Information

Contranspower Co, Ltd

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-028-85218395
  • Contact:RonaZhang(Accounting)
  • Last Active:31 July 2014

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