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Yangzhou voli spiral cable co.,ltd


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Gao Shu Road,West Lake Town,Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province

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Yangzhou voli spiral cable Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of polyurethane system Goods in high-tech companies, the main products are: Spring cable, spiral cable, PU reel, PUR line, spiral cable (spring line), YGC Silicone rubber cable, YGCP shielded cable, tape cable, ribbon cable, logging cables, underwater cables, wire cable, special cable, high-temperature line, Nylon sheathed cable, PVC (soft) tube, the seven core helix, nylon tube, automotive spiral, power spring line, fire-retardant hose, Spring Line Cable, electrical equipment, cables and other wires, cables, underground cables, low-temperature-resistant cables, inclinometer cable, cable tester, cable steel ruler, Steel cable, anti-pull cables, wear-resistant cables, polyurethane cable, electric door with a spring wire, spring wire electric curtains, lighthouse spiral cable, Mobile lighting vehicle helix, FVN grams lines, insulated wire, plastic pipes and so on. And can be designed and manufactured for customers special specifications. The company has full set of assembly line production facilities, professional production and technical personnel. Selling products produced by domestic and foreign markets. All products are certified (such as SGS certification, in line with the RoHS Directive, the United States UL, GB, etc. ). The company spirit of "customer first, quality first" purpose, warmly welcome friends around the world and the sessions to work with us to create the United States Good tomorrow!

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