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Floor 1/4, Bldg2, Shangweiyuan Xinyuan Industrial Zone, Gushu Community Xixiang Street, Baoan Distri

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  • Wireless Bluetooth Earphones With Mic
  • Wireless Earbuds Earphone
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  • Sweatproof Bluetooth Earphone
  • Sport Bluetooth Earphone
Established on June 24th,Website:http://www.myinnov-audio.com, 2016, subject to the approval of the Administration Bureau, Shenzhen Maikejie Technology Co., Ltd. Is an advanced technological company that incorporates R&D, production and sales in one. With strong abilities in R&D, production and sales, the company applies advanced production technologies and management model to form a complete company system that incorporates development, research, production, sales and after-sale service of peripheral products. Currently, based on our own strong ability in R&D, the company mainly produces consumer electronics including Bluetooth earphone, Bluetooth headphone, sport earphone, phone cases, phone back clips, supplementary lighting cases, selfie sticks, earphones and karaoke microphones.
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